We at Day Trade Diamonds understand that success and growth is a core byproduct of healthy business principles and strong transparency. DTD has a company guarantee that all our stones are 100% eye clean, have excellent material, and healthy color with no BGM (brown/green/milky). This guarantee not only keeps our transactions transparent and efficient, but it also puts confidence in our users that our stones are winners. Our true passion at Day Trade Diamonds is people, and we want all of our users to thrive well into the future with full confidence in our services.

Another core aspect of our team is a love and passion for the trade. Our clients feel that genuine energy through the immaculate detail we care for our products and the joy we take in locating beautiful stones and finding them new homes with our clients. We believe it's a gift to be able to work with diamonds.

Lightning speed is the speed we service our clients' diamond needs. Like a stock exchange, we're fast, efficient, and highly rewarding. DTD takes pride in the fact that we're one of the few diamond wholesale companies able to make same day deals, that leaves our clients completely satisfied and often surprised by our efficiency. In fact, we never feel like we're fast enough, we're always constantly trying to improve our times; we'll make it happen for you today, not tomorrow. After all, our company name says it all, we day trade diamonds.

We understand the high level of responsibility that goes along with being a wholesale diamond company, and we take it extremely seriously. Likewise, all of our stones are healthy, natural, and never treated in any way. Our team believes fully in the vibrancy and life real natural diamonds express, and we make it a first priority to make sure our clients only get the best. Additionally, all of our stones are of course 100% conflict free; a diamond mined from dark seeds can never be beautiful.

Day Trade Diamonds is one of the most competitively priced wholesale diamond companies in the world. Our competitive prices and never ending drive to source out the best product at the greatest trade value comes from our passion for diamonds and our care for our clients. To maximize efficiency through our networks, we operate with fixed prices (reducing haggling and drag time), and our fast turnaround lets us reduce our prices over set increments of time.