How it works?

Get ready to step into our office, wherever you are in the world. Our online inventory is live, which means what you see on our site is what's in our safe. And with comprehensive stone descriptions and crisp images, you can have full confidence with your purchases, as if the diamond was physically right in front of you. Utilizing the Day Trade Diamond site to its fullest will redefine your buying experience.

Day Trade Diamonds prides itself on using technology to its fullest to help our clients buy efficiently as possible, and likewise increase their revenue and growth. Our idea is that we want to service our clients with the best and most efficient experience possible, enabling them to buy with confidence wherever they are in the world. And with our extremely competitive prices and company guarantee that all our stones are 100% eye clean, have excellent material, and healthy color with no BGM (brown/green/milky), you can be sure is the preferred website for your buying needs.

To make the most use out of our website, you can create a user profile, which will give you full access to our live online inventory (as well as user profile preferences).

Once you have membership access, you can log into our ONLINE INVENTORY, where you'll get full access to all our up to the second stones. Our Loose Diamond Search gives you the ability to utilize basic searches, like shape, color, clarity, etc.

Additionally, by selecting Advanced Search, you can utilize parameters such as fluorescence, and precise measurements.

As you enter in your search parameters, our inventory instantly appears for you to see. Each item has very detailed information, as well as clear images for you to get a very sharp inspection of the stone, using magnification abilities.

There are even such options as adding a diamond to your cart, emailing the cert information to a friend or yourself, printing the cert information, or even exporting your selected diamonds to an excel document for you to download.

Notifications is a core aspect of the Day Trade Diamonds website. If you like you can follow a stone, and you'll be notified of price changes, or if an item is sold. Additionally you can even opt to be notified every time we post a new stone on the site.

And best of all our checkout process is extremely simple. You select the items you'd like, click checkout, and that's it! We're instantly notified of your request, and you'll be contacted right away by one of our representatives. Your stone will be shipped out that very day.

Also don't forget, we have a fully functional Day Trade Diamonds APP for the iPhone or Android!